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The Selection of Concrete Batching Plant

04. 24, 2023

When choosing a concrete batching plant, you should not only consider its model, but also its related configuration.


Select the model of concrete batch plant according to the size of the production scale:

Agitator Type


•The annual output is less than 200,000 cubic meters, and the productivity of the concrete plant is generally not less than 90 cubic meters per hour;

•For an annual output of 200,000 to 300,000 cubic meters, the productivity of the concrete plant is generally 120 cubic meters per hour;

•The annual output is more than 300,000 cubic meters, and the productivity of the concrete plant is generally 150 to 200 cubic meters per hour;

•The number of working days calculated here is 300 days per year and 8 hours per day;

•If your project requires a concrete volume of 70 cubic meters per hour, then you should choose a concrete plant with a theoretical production rate of 90 cubic meters per hour instead of 75 cubic meters per hour. This is because the actual production rate of a concrete plant will generally be less than the maximum theoretical production rate.


There is also the configuration of the concrete mixing plant to consider.


The concrete mixer is the core of the whole concrete plant, so when you choose a mixer, you should look at whether the brand of the concrete mixer configured by the manufacturer is reliable. If you have special needs, you can also ask the manufacturer to configure other famous brands of mixers for you, for example, the mixer of UDO GROUP.


In addition, you should also configure the cement silo with the right output according to the amount of cement and the batching machine with the right number of bins according to the type and proportion of aggregates.


The selection of supporting equipment


In order to ensure the orderly operation of the whole production and sales chain, you also need to purchase some auxiliary equipment, for example, wheel loaders, concrete mixer trucks, concrete pumps, concrete reclaimer, etc.


Generally speaking, the mixing plant will be equipped with 1 or 2 loaders, which are mainly used to feed the batching machine.

Concrete Batching Plant Parts

It should also be equipped with 10 to 20 mixer trucks of more than 8 cubic meters (take the mixing plant with an annual output of 300,000 cubic meters as an example) to transport the finished concrete to the customer's site. The number of mixer trucks is closely related to the distance of transportation and the output of concrete.


Of course, you can also consider buying some concrete pumping equipment and renting them out to customers who buy your concrete but don't have pumping equipment. This can also add extra revenue to your overall project, as there are still many customers who have a need to rent concrete pumping equipment.


In addition, you can also consider adding a concrete reclaimer. It is mainly used to separate, collect and reuse the sand, stone and mud in the waste after cleaning the mixer truck. This can effectively solve the problem of concrete pollution and save valuable building material resources.


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