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Concrete Reclaimers

Concrete recycling systems are capable of separating unused concrete into its original aggregate and grey water. The separated aggregate can be reused for future mixing and even recycled or separated from the gray water.

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Fast return on investment

Excellent solid-liquid separation and washing of aggregates

Lower maintenance costs for end users

Low operating costs (low water and energy consumption)


Solid aggregate particles (sand and gravel) larger than 0.3 mm (0.01 inch) in size are separated from the wastewater by an inclined heavy-duty screw.

Performance and technical characteristics 

Flow rate: diluted concrete 15 m³/h (9 cfm)

Drive power: 5.5 kW (7.5 HP) / 7.7 kW (10 HP) ¿ 400 V, 3 phase

All manufactured parts are made of galvanized carbon steel

Heavy-duty - threaded spiral made of high-strength steel

Robust, extra heavy duty design

Flange couplings

Internal, replaceable maintenance-free lower bearings

Low water consumption and efficient aggregate cleaning

Easy maintenance (easy access to all equipment components)

High reliability

Underground or above ground installation

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