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Concrete Batching Plant Parts

A concrete batching plant is a machine that mixes and delivers ready-mixed concrete to construction sites. These plants are made up of several parts and components that work together to produce high-quality concrete. Here are some of the main parts of a concrete batching plant:

Aggregate storage: This is where the different types of aggregate, such as sand, gravel, and crushed stone, are stored before being added to the mix.

Bins or hoppers: These are used to weigh and dispense the different types of aggregate into the mixer.

Mixer: This is the heart of the concrete batching plant. The mixer is responsible for thoroughly combining the aggregate, water, cement, and other ingredients to form the final concrete mix.

Control system: The control system is responsible for automating and monitoring the entire concrete batching process. It typically includes sensors, PLC, computer and touch screen for better control and monitoring.

Cement silos: These are used to store and dispense the cement. They may be in the form of Bolted or horizontal.

Conveyors: These are used to move the concrete from the mixer to the delivery trucks or to a storage area.

Water and additive tanks: These are used to store and dispense the water and other additives that are added to the concrete mix.

Compressor: To power the pneumatic system in some plants.

Air compressor, air tanks, air hoses, and air valves : they are used to control the flow of air into the mixer, which is necessary for the concrete to properly set.

Maintenance and cleaning equipment: to keep the plant running smoothly and prolongs the life of the equipment.

Note that specific parts and components of a concrete batching plant may vary depending on the manufacturer and model.

Udo concrete batching plants parts will keep your batching plant working smoothly and safely. In addition to repair parts, we offer silos, bins, hoppers and control systems to expand/improve your existing plant. Just like our concrete batching plants, we also customise feed systems, hoppers, conveyors and bins to make your batching plant as profitable as possible.

Contact us for a complete inventory of parts for your concrete mixing plant.

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