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  • Spiral Sand Washers LSX Series

  • Spiral Sand Washers LSX Series

  • Spiral Sand Washers LSX Series

Spiral Sand Washers LSX Series

Product Introduction

Spiral Sand Washing Machine

A spiral sand washing machine is a specialized piece of equipment used to clean and wash sand and other fine aggregates. It is commonly used in construction sites, quarries, and gravel plants for efficiently washing and separating materials.

The machine features a spiral-shaped impeller that rotates within a water-filled tank. As the spiral rotates, it agitates the sand and water mixture, causing the lighter impurities to be lifted and carried away by the flowing water. Meanwhile, the heavier sand particles settle to the bottom of the tank.

The washed sand is discharged from the top end of the spiral while the water and fine impurities are flushed out from the lower end. This continuous process ensures the sand is thoroughly cleaned and ready for use in various applications.

Spiral sand washing machines are designed to be highly efficient and are capable of handling large volumes of sand. They come in various sizes and configurations to suit different production requirements.

The LSX series spiral sand washers are developed on the basis of the domestic mature technology of spiral sand washers, and as auxiliary equipment for sand making, it is made up of a motor, a reducer, a shell, a spiral body and a weir plate; in the actual production, the spiral sand washers can effectively improve the quality of the finished sand products.

The LSX series spiral sand washers are simple in structure and used for cleaning, dewatering and classification. They are widely used in washing process of sand, gravel, aggregates and quartz sand, etc.

Working principle

This machine is also called "spiral sand washing machine", "stone washing machine", the feed size can reach 30mm.

The spiral sand washing machine is composed of electric motor, large and small belt pulley, triangle belt and gear reducer. When the spiral is working, the spiral sand washer needs to adopt a 15° inclination angle. Below the bucket, 3 weir plates form a sedimentation basin. The spiral head is immersed in this basin, and the spiral is driven by the continuous rotation of the electric motor through the gear reducer. Fresh water is supplied from the porous plate at the bottom of the sedimentation tank, and the flushed sand is discharged from the top and conveyed by a belt conveyor.This equipment has three major functions: cleaning, dewatering and grading.

The difference between wheel sand washing machine and spiral sand washing machine


Wheel sand washing machine: This machine can realize the washing, debridement and dewatering of finished sand. Bad sand will also be eliminated. The bearings are separated from the water material to avoid rusting and damaging the machine. The water can be recycled due to the sedimentation tank with flocculant. The wheel type equipment is sealed and can wash small granular materials such as coarse sand and limestone.

Spiral sand washing machine: Spiral sand washing machine can wash, screen and remove medium or coarse material impurities. The main function is classification. The equipment is much longer than a wheel, so it covers a large area. It can also recycle water to save water. If you need quality sand, the machine is what you want.


Wheel sand washer: The main parts of the equipment are motor, wheel gear, impeller, sedimentation tank and so on. It has professional design, simple structure and stable operation. The machine is made of high quality materials, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant. "Giant wheel" principle, improve sand products and quality.

Spiral sand washing machine: compared with the wheel sand washing machine, this equipment washes less sand. And the spiral machine is using the propulsion of the spiral blade to wash the soil. The sand is washed more cleanly than the wheel. The machine is easy to maintain, and has a large capacity and small power.


1. The long spiral classification washing is adopted, so the sand washing effect is higher.

2. The overall structure is simple and the equipment can work stably;  

3. Its reliable sealing structure can significantly facilitate maintenance; 

4. Wear-resisting materials are used where materials contact, so the service life is longer. 

5.The sand has low water content and low mud content.

Product Parameters

of splral
feed size
2LSX1120 10 350 40-300 17 18.5x21120975021035040-3001718.5x210770×5260x4860

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