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  • Vibrating Concrete Reclaimer TFZ145

  • Vibrating Concrete Reclaimer TFZ145

  • Vibrating Concrete Reclaimer TFZ145

  • Vibrating Concrete Reclaimer TFZ145

Vibrating Concrete Reclaimer TFZ145

Product Introduction

Concrete reclaimer separates unused concrete into its original aggregate and grey water. The separated aggregate can be reused for future mixing and even recycled or separated from the grey water.

Concrete reclaimer is used in ready-mix concrete batching plants to recover concrete washed out of truck mixers and in precast concrete batching plants to recover concrete from moulds. It consists of a U-channel and a large inlet batch hopper, both lined with wear-resistant polymer. Fitted with a wide outlet nozzle, a ribbon screw with individually replaceable segments coated with wear resistant polymer, a bolt-on trough cover grid and a robust gear motor suitable for the application.


Concrete Reclaimer allow the recovery of surplus concrete and wash water from truck mixers or concrete pumps, enabling concrete manufacturers to comply with ecological standards, in particular with regard to environmental impact, pollution prevention and the recycling of waste water and aggregates in concrete plants.


1. Upgraded processing capacity, up to 30 m3/h, no material blocking.

2. Improved open design, easy to clean and maintain.

3. Independent hopper design, smooth feeding, thorough clean washing and separation.

4. The overflow outlet is improved, the slurry water contains less sand.

5. Polyurethane screen has high wear resistance and long service life.

6. Good sealing performance, low failure rate and long service life.

7. Small area and flexible design.

8. PLC fully automatic control, simple operation and maintenance.

Concrete Reclaimer Benefits

Fast return on investment

Excellent solid-liquid separation and washing of aggregates

Lower maintenance costs for the end user

Low running costs (low water and energy consumption)

Product Parameters

Screening Capacity(m3/h)30
Stone Size(mm)rectangle hole>φ6,square hole>φ7
Sand Size(mm)rectangle hole<φ6,square hole<φ7
Rotary Screen Power(kw)2*1.5
Sand Screw Power(kw)4kw/5.5
Overall Size(mm)6100*2500*2750
Set Weight(t)5
 No. of Mixer Trucks>45
No. of Washout Sprinkler1-2
Electric Control SystemPLC Auto Control

Vibrating Concrete Reclaimer TFZ145

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