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  • Concrete Reclaimer TF Series

  • Concrete Reclaimer TF Series

  • Concrete Reclaimer TF Series

  • Concrete Reclaimer TF Series

  • Concrete Reclaimer TF Series

  • Concrete Reclaimer TF Series

Concrete Reclaimer TF Series

Product Introduction

Concrete Reclaimer

The concrete reclaimer is a compact system for cleaning, separating and dewatering concrete residues and discharging sand and aggregate separately. Our concrete recycling system guarantees perfect sand and aggregate purification with less than 0.5% cement remaining. Sand, aggregate and concrete/water mixture can be reused without problems.

TF Concrete Reclaimer is composed of one sand screw and one screen drum so the sand and stones can be separated simultaneously from sand outlet and stone outlet.

Each model of TF Concrete Reclaimer has 2 directions and the hopper could be designed flexible, TF Concrete Reclaimer is available for cleaning 1-3 trucks at the same time.


1)Low investment & High refund

2)The recycled sand contains quite a little water

3)Simple operation

4)The screen hole isn't blocked by stone-out system

5)Heavy duty design with a long service life


Concrete reclaimers, also known as concrete recycling systems or concrete reclamation plants, are equipment used to collect, separate, and recycle leftover concrete and wash water from concrete mixer trucks and concrete batching plants. These systems offer several benefits that contribute to environmental sustainability, cost savings, and overall efficiency in the construction and concrete production industry. Some of the key benefits of concrete reclaimers include:

Environmental Sustainability: Concrete reclaimers help reduce the environmental impact of concrete production by recycling and reusing leftover concrete and wash water. Instead of disposing of the excess concrete as waste, which would end up in landfills or require costly disposal methods, the reclaimer processes the material for reuse, minimizing waste generation.

Cost Savings: By reclaiming and reusing excess concrete, construction companies can significantly reduce the costs associated with purchasing new raw materials. This cost-saving measure can have a positive impact on the overall project budget, making concrete recycling a financially attractive option.

Material Conservation: Concrete reclaimers promote the efficient use of materials by salvaging leftover concrete and aggregates from mixer trucks and batching plants. Reusing these materials in new concrete mixes reduces the need for virgin aggregates, conserving natural resources and extending the life of quarries.

Reduced Water Consumption: Concrete production requires a significant amount of water for mixing and cleaning equipment. Concrete reclaimers separate and recycle the wash water, allowing it to be reused in the concrete production process. This reduces overall water consumption, contributing to water conservation efforts.

Compliance with Environmental Regulations: Many regions have strict regulations and standards regarding the disposal of concrete waste and wash water. By implementing concrete reclaimers, construction companies can comply with these regulations and avoid potential fines or penalties for improper waste management practices.

Improved Site Cleanup: Using a concrete reclaimer simplifies the process of cleaning and maintaining the construction site. It eliminates the need for manual removal of excess concrete and washout materials, making cleanup faster and more efficient.

Sustainable Construction Practices: Integrating concrete reclaimers into construction processes aligns with sustainable construction practices, which are becoming increasingly important in the industry. Clients and stakeholders are often more inclined to work with companies that prioritize environmentally friendly solutions.

Enhanced Reputation: Companies that actively adopt concrete recycling practices and invest in environmentally responsible technologies like concrete reclaimers can improve their reputation and appeal to environmentally conscious customers and partners.

Product Parameters

(mm)Dia.of Rotary Screen100012501400
(mm) Dia.of Sand Screw480480580
(m3/h) Screening Capacity101525
(mm) Stone Size> φ 5> φ 5> φ 5
(mm) Sand Size< φ 5< φ 5< φ 5
(kw) Rotary Screen Power45.57.5
(kw) Sand Screw Power445.5
(mm)Overall Size6260*1970*24807180*2060*26507380*2300*2850
(t)Set Weight567
No. of Mixer Trucks<30<45<65
No. of Washout Stinger1-21-21-3
Electric Control SystemPLC Auto ControlPLC Auto ControlPLC Auto Control

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