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  • Concrete Reclaimer CR-150

  • Concrete Reclaimer CR-150

  • Concrete Reclaimer CR-150

  • Concrete Reclaimer CR-150

  • Concrete Reclaimer CR-150

Concrete Reclaimer CR-150

Product Introduction

Concrete Reclaimer 

A concrete reclaimer, also known as a concrete recycling system or concrete reclaiming machine, is a specialized equipment used in the construction industry to collect, separate, and recycle excess concrete and wash water from concrete mixer trucks and concrete batching plants. The primary purpose of a concrete reclaimer is to reduce waste and promote sustainable construction practices by reusing materials that would otherwise be discarded.

How Concrete Reclaimers Work:

Collection: Concrete reclaimers are typically installed at concrete batching plants or construction sites. They receive excess or leftover concrete from mixer trucks and wash water used for cleaning the equipment.

Separation: The concrete reclaimer separates the solid components of the excess concrete, such as aggregates and cement, from the wash water and other liquid components. This separation process is achieved through various mechanisms, such as settling tanks, screw conveyors, or filter systems.

Recycling: Once the separation process is complete, the reclaimed concrete and aggregates are directed to storage bins or silos for future use. The wash water is also recycled, either back into the concrete mixing process or for other purposes within the construction site.

Concrete Reclaimer CR-150

CR-150 concrete reclaimer is composed of spiral vanes and one sand screw.

CR-150 concrete reclaimer will handle all aspects of ready-mix companies’ waste concrete problem with its large washing capacity and it could be equipped with a pump washing device.


Environmental Sustainability: Concrete reclaimers significantly reduce concrete waste, which helps minimize the environmental impact of construction activities. Recycling concrete and reusing aggregates reduce the need for extracting new raw materials, preserving natural resources and reducing energy consumption associated with material production.

Cost Savings: By recycling excess concrete and reusing aggregates, construction companies can save on the costs of purchasing new raw materials. This cost-effective approach contributes to better project budget management.

Compliance with Regulations: Concrete reclaimers assist construction companies in complying with environmental regulations and standards related to concrete waste disposal. Proper waste management practices can help companies avoid potential fines and penalties for improper disposal.

Efficient Resource Management: Concrete reclaimers promote efficient resource management by salvaging leftover materials and recycling water. This approach conserves water and extends the lifespan of aggregates, reducing the need for new materials.

Improved Site Cleanup: Integrating a concrete reclaimer simplifies the process of cleaning up construction sites, as it eliminates the need for manual removal of excess concrete and washout materials.

Sustainable Construction Practices: Utilizing concrete reclaimers aligns with sustainable construction practices, demonstrating a commitment to environmentally responsible approaches.

Reduced Environmental Footprint: By reusing concrete and minimizing waste, construction projects can significantly reduce their environmental footprint and contribute to a greener construction industry.

Product Parameters

Screening Capacity (t/h)<32
Dia. of Sand & Stone (mm)<40
Total Power of Motors  (kw)7.5
Weight (t)7
Overall Size(mm)7500*2200*2800
Qty. of Mixer Trucks<40
No. of Washing Stinger2-3
Electric Control SystemPLC Auto Control

◆ Capacity:20 m3/h.

◆ No ramp, small area, flexible design.

◆ Aggregates comes out from one outlet.

◆ Super-fast dumping speed.

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