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  • Embedded Truck Washing System TXE5417

  • Embedded Truck Washing System TXE5417

  • Embedded Truck Washing System TXE5417

  • Embedded Truck Washing System TXE5417

Embedded Truck Washing System TXE5417

Product Introduction

TXE Embedded Truck Washing System is specially developed by UDO for compact batching plants. The system adopts a gantry structure and is installed at the entrance of the unloading port without occupying additional space in the plant. The side of the system adopts a rocking waterjet structure, which can be used for washing the whole vehicle. The top is equipped with a top spray and the ground is equipped with a chassis washing. The lower hopper flushing is installed on the mixer truck. The whole system adopts PLC automatic control, simple operation and powerful function.

Concrete Truck Wash

A concrete truck wash is a specialized facility designed to clean and maintain concrete mixer trucks. These trucks are used to transport wet concrete from batching plants to construction sites, and can become coated with hardened concrete and debris after repeated use. A concrete truck wash offers a quick and efficient solution for cleaning concrete mixer trucks, helping to extend the life of the equipment and ensure that it performs at its best.

Some key features of a concrete truck wash include:

High-pressure wash system: Concrete truck washes are equipped with high-pressure wash systems that use powerful jets of water to blast away hardened concrete and debris from the truck's exterior.

Water recycling system: Many concrete truck washes have water recycling systems that capture and filter the water used in the cleaning process, allowing it to be reused and reducing water waste.

Customized cleaning solutions: Concrete truck washes can be customized to meet the specific needs of different types of mixer trucks, with specialized cleaning solutions and equipment designed for different sizes and shapes of vehicles.

Safe and efficient cleaning: Using a concrete truck wash ensures that the cleaning process is safe and efficient, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries associated with manual cleaning methods.

Cost savings: Regularly cleaning mixer trucks with a concrete truck wash can help to extend the life of the equipment and reduce repair and maintenance costs over time.

Environmental benefits: Water recycling systems and specialized cleaning solutions can help to reduce the environmental impact of cleaning mixer trucks, by reducing water usage and minimizing the use of harsh cleaning chemicals.


1. Save space, the system is installed at the feeding entrance directly.

2. Save time, the cleaning operation can be completed during loading work.

3. All-round cleaning, equipped with top spray, side spray, chassis washing, and hopper washing.


Concrete truck washes are primarily used by construction companies and concrete suppliers that rely on mixer trucks to transport wet concrete to job sites. These companies typically use concrete truck washes to clean and maintain their mixer trucks on a regular basis, ensuring that the equipment is in good working condition and ready to use for the next project.

Concrete truck washes are also used by independent truck wash facilities, which offer cleaning services to construction companies and other businesses that use mixer trucks. These facilities may be located near major construction sites or in urban areas with high demand for concrete truck cleaning services.

In addition to construction companies, concrete truck washes may also be used by municipalities and government agencies that maintain their own fleet of mixer trucks for road construction, infrastructure projects, and other public works.

Overall, the application of concrete truck washes is widespread and essential for the smooth operation of the construction industry. By ensuring that mixer trucks are properly cleaned and maintained, concrete truck washes help to reduce downtime and repair costs, while also promoting safety and sustainability in the construction industry.

Product Parameters

Installation Size(mm)1800(L)×5400(W)×5000(H)
Equipment Size(mm)1700(L)×5400(W)×5000(H)The size can be customized
Truck Size(mm)L(no limit) ×3000(W)×4500(H)
Passing ModeVehicle-through
Control ModeStart mode selection:
1. The bell signal of the main building;
2. Infrared sensor switch;
3. Wireless remote control key, one for each car.
Nozzle TypeSide: Rotating, Top: Fixed
Main PumpBrandSouth Pump
Max. flow15m3/h

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