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Spraying Column

Product Introduction

TZW Series Spraying Column is fully automatic dust suppression equipment developed by UDO for heavy dust working conditions.

The equipment uses high-pressure water jet technology, pressurizes the water to 100 kg to 150 kg through the host, and sprays it out through a high-pressure atomizing nozzle.


1. The single pole runs independently, the combination of pole points is freely and could be fixed flexibly.

2. 360-degree rotating nose, 20 meters range, cover widely.

3. Mobile remote control, PM2.5 detection and automatic start.

Product Parameters

Host systemPlunger PumpBrandHawke
Water tankVolume>50L
Water filtrationFilter
MaterialStainless Steel
ProtectorWater shortage protection, leakage protection, motor overheat protection, automatic pressure relief protection, automatic water replenishment function and lightning protection.
Cabinet Size850*600*1050mm
Rotating HeadRotation angleRotation ≧340°, using stepper motor, not only the angle can be adjusted, but the rotation speed can also be adjusted.
Spray distance≥20m under no wind
Height8-10m (including foundation and pole height), standpipe length 9m
Number of nozzles1pcs
Control SystemControl ModeTiming start, temperature control start, time cycle, manual, ground sensing multiple control modes.
Optional environmental testingDust concentration detection, temperature detection, humidity detection.
Single machine controlA single host has an independent hand automatic operation function, and is equipped with a touch screen to facilitate system operation parameter setting.

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