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  • Gantry Truck Washing System TXG4545

  • Gantry Truck Washing System TXG4545

  • Gantry Truck Washing System TXG4545

Gantry Truck Washing System TXG4545

Product Introduction

Automated Truck Wash System

Automated truck wash system is industrial-grade equipment used for cleaning commercial trucks and buses. These systems typically use a combination of high-pressure water jets, brushes, and chemical cleaners toremove dirt, grime, and other debris from the exterior of the vehicle. Some systems also include additional features such as undercarriage washing and hot water capability. Automatic truck wash systems can be installed at trucking depots, truck stops, and other locations where large numbers of commercial vehicles congregate. They may be operated by the vehicle owners or by independent wash operators.

Advantage of Automated Truck Wash System

There are several advantages of using automatic truck wash systems:

Efficiency: Automatic truck wash systems can clean a vehicle quickly and thoroughly, reducing the time and labor required to wash a truck by hand.

Consistency: Automatic truck wash systems apply the same level of cleaning to every vehicle, ensuring that each truck is cleaned to the same high standard.

Cost-effectiveness: Automatic truck wash systems can be more cost-effective than hand washing, as they require less labor and can handle multiple vehicles at the same time.

Environmentally friendly: Automatic truck wash systems can be designed to use less water and biodegradable soaps, reducing their environmental impact.

Preventive maintenance: Automatic truck wash systems help to remove dirt and grime from a truck, which prevents them from damaging the vehicle surface. This can increase the longevity of the truck.

Time-saving: Automatic truck wash systems are designed to clean the truck quickly and efficiently. This saves time for the truck drivers and the company.

Professional Cleaning: Automatic truck wash systems are designed to provide professional cleaning for commercial vehicles, which improves the company's brand image.

Application of Automated Truck Wash System

Commercial truck wash systems are used in a variety of applications, including:

Trucking depots: Automatic truck wash systems are often used at trucking depots, where they are used to clean the fleet of vehicles owned by the company.

Truck stops: Automatic truck wash systems can also be found at truck stops and other locations where large numbers of commercial vehicles congregate. These systems allow truckers to quickly and easily clean their vehicles while on the road.

Bus depots: Automatic truck wash systems can also be used to clean buses at bus depots.

Mining and construction sites: Automatic truck wash systems are also used at mining and construction sites, where large vehicles need to be cleaned of dirt and debris.

Military bases: Automatic truck wash systems are used to clean military vehicles at military bases.

Logistics and distribution center: These systems are used to clean the delivery trucks that transport the goods to and from the center.

Waste management and recycling centers: Automatic truck wash systems are used to clean the garbage trucks used in the waste management and recycling industries.

Overall automatic truck wash systems are widely used in most of the heavy industries and logistics business because of its efficiency, cost-effectiveness and the ability to save time and maintenance cost.

The ideal large truck wash system

UDO automatic truck wash systems are the ideal machine for public or private fleets and are suitable for a wide range of vehicles.UDO automatic truck wash machines are perfect for school buses, buses, tractor trailers, and even cars. With an automatic truck wash system, the size of your vehicle will not be an issue for washing. For many large fleet trucks, installation into a regular car wash is not possible. However, these systems can be easily resized for your specific vehicle. They are highly customizable, so there is no need to worry about trucks getting stuck in the system or simply not fitting inside.

There are many ways to get your commercial truck or fleet vehicle clean. the UDO automatic truck wash system is an efficient and affordable solution to clean your fleet vehicles in no time. When you have equipment such as the UDO Automatic Truck Washing System, you can be sure that your trucks are clean and dust-free, without harsh chemicals and without wasting water. 

TXG Series Gantry Truck Washing System is the fourth-generation developed by the company in combination with domestic and foreign technologies. Its main function is to clean the mud and unsolidified concrete on the wheel, chassis, feed inlet and body of the mixer truck. Compared with the traditional truck washing machine, its appearance design is much more generous, the cleaning force is stronger and the water is saved. The equipment uses PLC and infrared sensor technology to identify vehicles for cleaning operations automatically, and uses high-performance swing nozzles, no dead ends throughout the process.

A typical truck/bus wash cycle is as follows.


Chassis wash

Soap/detergent spray

Wheel Blast

Brushing/Pressure wash

Final rinse

Trucks need to be driven very slowly through the system. Since the quality of cleaning depends heavily on the driver's ability to drive slowly, more arches should be used for proper cleaning. Example. Having two brush arches instead of one arch is a good idea for good truck/bus cleaning.

Wheel, tyre and undercarriage cleaning systems

A high-pressure, environmentally friendly truck cleaning solution ideal for removing dirt and grime from trucks working on sites with contaminants InterClean is a leader in designing and engineering effective solutions to clean and decontaminate truck tyres and undercarriages and other heavy equipment leaving sites such as

Landfill sites

Steel mills


Chemical plants

From dust control to heavy duty mud removal, we have the solution to your tyre and undercarriage cleaning problems.

Commercial Truck Wash Systems

If you have to send your trucks away for cleaning, to avoid lost productivity and revenue, keep your fleet clean with an on-site automated truck wash! With minimal time required, you can still have a fleet of great looking machines without having to spend a whole day or more keeping them looking great. With these automated truck wash systems, you don't have to have your employees spend time hand washing your trucks. Use these customizable systems to maintain your reputation with trucks that have a professional, clean look without significantly reducing your employees' work time.

Wash trucks of different sizes and shapes by customizing the size of the system. It saves money, employee time, and makes your truck fleet look more impressive. Automatic truck washers are easy to use and do not require new personnel to use the system. It's a quick, easy and very economical way to ensure your fleet is clean.

Gantry Truck Washing System TXG4545

Advantages of UDO

Bespoke solutions

We don't believe in one-size-fits-all washing solutions. When you choose UDO to design a bespoke truck wash system, you benefit from state-of-the-art technology and a team of experienced engineers. Whether you are looking for an automatic truck wash, a non-contact wash or any other unique wash specification, the result is an efficient truck wash system design.

Environmentally friendly solutions

UDO has always been committed to a sustainable design philosophy. All of our truck wash systems feature high capacity water recycling to support environmental sustainability. In addition, all UDO truck wash systems include stainless steel chemical and rinse arches with special check valves and high-efficiency motors. This reduces the risk of heavy metal emissions, minimises the use of water and chemicals and further reduces the environmental impact of the truck wash system.

Minimal maintenance

There is no "down time" with UDO truck washing systems. Our high-tech, heavy-duty wash systems are designed for continuous use and require little to no maintenance. Our low-maintenance truck wash solutions ensure that your clean fleet can get back on the road as efficiently as possible.

Easy to operate

UDO Heavy-duty vehicle washing systems do not require an attendant. Our truck wash systems are fully automated and easy to operate, so you can start using your new fleet wash system as soon as it is installed.

How Dose Commercial Truck Wash Systems Work ?

Automatic truck wash systems work by using a combination of high-pressure water jets, brushes, and chemical cleaners to clean the exterior of a truck or bus. The basic process typically includes the following steps:

Pre-wash: The truck is sprayed with a high-pressure water jet to loosen dirt and debris.

Main wash: The truck is then moved through the wash tunnel, where it is cleaned using a combination of high-pressure water jets, brushes, and chemical cleaners.

Rinse: The truck is then rinsed with clean water to remove any remaining soap or debris.

Drying: The truck is then dried using high-pressure air dryers or cloth dryers.

The above steps is the basic process of a standard automatic truck wash systems, however, different types of systems have different features. For example, some systems include additional features such as:

Undercarriage washing: This feature uses high-pressure water jets to clean the underside of the truck, removing debris and grime from hard-to-reach areas.

Hot water capability: Some systems use hot water to aid in the cleaning process, which can help to remove stubborn dirt and grime.

Rust inhibitor : Some systems use rust inhibitors which spray on the vehicle after it is cleaned to prevent rust from forming.

Tire shine : The trucks tire is sprayed with a tire shine solution to give them a glossy finish.

Overall, the process of automatic truck wash systems is designed to be efficient, effective and customizable depending on the type of truck and type of dirt and grime that need to be removed.

If you are interested in our products, please contact us.


Professional Image: A clean and well-maintained truck speaks volumes about your professionalism and attention to detail. It creates a positive impression on clients and the public, enhancing your brand image.

Extended Lifespan: Regular cleaning helps remove corrosive substances that can degrade the paint and metal surfaces of your truck. By eliminating these contaminants, you're effectively prolonging the life of your vehicle.

Improved Safety: Dirt and grime can accumulate on headlights and taillights, reducing visibility. A clean truck ensures optimal lighting conditions, enhancing safety on the road.

Fuel Efficiency: A clean truck has reduced wind resistance, resulting in improved fuel efficiency. By removing dirt and debris, you're maximizing your truck's performance and minimizing costs.

Our premium semi truck wash guarantees exceptional cleaning results, while protecting and preserving your truck's appearance. Invest in the longevity and professionalism of your truck with our reliable product. 

Product Parameters


Installation Size(mm)4700(L)×4700(W)×5800(H)
Equipment Size(mm)4500(L)×4500(W)×5700(H)The size can be customized
Truck Size(mm)L(no limit) ×3000(W)×4500(H)
Passing ModeVehicle-through
Control ModeInfrared sensor, HMI
Nozzle TypeSide: Rotating, Top: FixedFixed fan nozzle
Main PumpModelCDL20-170FSWPCCDL45-50-2FSWPC
Max. Flow20m3/h45 m3/h

◆ Gantry design, stylish & generous

◆ All around cleaning

◆ Integrated design

◆ Infrared remote sensing

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