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  • Automatic Zero Discharge Concrete Recycling System

  • Automatic Zero Discharge Concrete Recycling System

  • Automatic Zero Discharge Concrete Recycling System

Automatic Zero Discharge Concrete Recycling System

Product Introduction

Concrete reclaimer system ensure that surplus concrete and clean water are recycled in an environmentally friendly manner. Our innovative washing units allow environmentally conscious use of materials on site. The reclaimers are suitable for returning concrete from site as well as cleaning water and residual concrete from mixing plants, truck mixers and concrete pumps.


Concrete Reclaimer System Features:

◆ Large body design, handling capacity up to 30 m3/h.

◆ The gantry-type washing platform has a stylish and atmospheric appearance.

◆ Split structure, flexible design, no slope, convenient reversing, and small area.

◆ Use a conical tank instead of a stirring tank, no need to stir for 24 hours, saving electricity.

◆ The use of cyclones for fine sand recovery, solid-liquid separation is more thorough, and the content of fine sand is greatly reduced.

◆ The ground tank is used to save the cost of civil construction, and the maintenance door is set to facilitate the cleaning of sediments.

◆ Fully automatic PLC with display screen, users can monitor working conditions and fault codes according to the display screen, saving time and effort.

Automatic Zero Discharge Concrete Recycling System


The concrete reclaimer system is a compact system for washing, separating and dewatering concrete residues and discharging sand and aggregate separately. Our concrete recycling system guarantees perfect sand and aggregate purification with less than 0.5% cement remaining. Sand, aggregate and concrete/water mixtures can be reused without any problems.

What is a concrete reclaimer system? How does it work?

Are you still throwing away your concrete waste, incorrect deliveries or defects? With the Udo concrete reclaimer system you can separate your waste into components such as aggregates, sand and water so that you can reuse them in production. The importance of environmental responsibility is increasing today. In order to create a cleaner world for future generations, specific rules and standards have been introduced in the production of concrete. Being very sensitive to the environment, Udo offers concrete reclaimer system as well as concrete plants. Concrete plants equipped with recycling units are able to reuse all components of the concrete waste: aggregates, sand and water.

Product Parameters

Technical Parameters

“0”Discharge Recycling System
ItemsTLZ150 (Vibrating Type)TLG160 (Rotating Drum Type)
Screening Capacity(m3/h)3030
Stone Size(mm)>φ5>φ5
Sand Size(mm)<φ5<φ5
Rotary Screen Power(kw)2.2*27.5
Sand Screw Power(kw)7.57.5
Stone Separator Size(mm) 4100*2000*30004100*2000*3000
Sand Separator Size(mm)7700*2300*47507700*2300*4750
Stone Separator Weight(t)
Sand Separator Weight(t)55
No. of Mixer Trucks>45>45
No. of Washout Sprinkler1-31-3
Electric Control SystemPLC Auto ControlPLC Auto Control
Volume of Mixing Tank100m3100m3
Dia. of mixing tank (mm)φ5200*5000φ5200*5000
Agitator Power(kw)15kw/18.5kw15kw/18.5kw

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