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  • Concrete Reclaimer CRY160

  • Concrete Reclaimer CRY160

  • Concrete Reclaimer CRY160

  • Concrete Reclaimer CRY160

Concrete Reclaimer CRY160

Product Introduction

The sand separator and stone separator is a whole entirety in CRY160 concrete reclaimer, spiral vanes are equipped on both the interior and exterior of the rotary screen, the sands and stones are discharged separately from sand outlet and stone outlet by the principle of bucket wheel machine.

CRY160 is welcome by the medium and large batching plants because of the high working efficiency and high effectivity.


Product Features

1. Lower or almost no ramp needed

2. The innovatively designed rotary screen contributes to the clean recycling aggregate

3. With the discharge bucket, friction-free operation is realized to minimize energy consumption

4. The large volume body design contributes to an excellent sedimentation effect and large handling capacity

5. Stylish and generous shape.

Product Parameters

Dia.of Rotary Screen(mm)1600
Screening Capacity(t/h)<35
Stone Size(mm)>f5
Sand Size(mm)f1-f5
Overall Size(mm)5040*2400*2310
(t) Total Weight7
NO of Mixer Trucks<45
No. of Washing Stinger1-3
Electric Control SystemPLC Auto Control

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