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Spiral Sand Washer Can Save Water Significantly

09. 27, 2022

The sand washer is the machine used for cleaning and washing impurities away from sand products. It is also known as a sand washing machine for the washing method. According to the different appearance and working principles, it can be divided into the spiral sand washer, drum sand washer, wheels sand washer, and vibrating sand washer.


Introduction of spiral sand washer


Spiral sand washer is used for doing washing, classification and decontaminates works in the metallurgy, building materials, water and electricity industries. It can process the fine-grained and coarse-grained materials, and is especially suitable for the construction and road sand. The spiral sand washer has low power consumption and high cleanliness. The fully enclosed gearing, high-quality sealing structure and adjustable overflow weir can ensure the characteristics of high efficiency, long service life, good dehydration effect and stable fine-grained products.


Spiral Sand Washer

Features of spiral sand washer


Spiral sand washer has the features of reasonable structure, high capacity, low power consumption, and easy to maintenance. The novel seal structure, fully enclosed gearing and adjustable overflow weir can ensure the characteristics of high efficiency, long service life, good dehydration effect and stable fine-grained products.


1. Spiral sand washer uses spiral to push stones and made the stones set apart from water and dirt. So it has high cleanliness but low capacity.


2. Drum sand washer made the stones collide with each other in the rolling drum, and spray-wash them by water cannons. So it demands large amount of water. But the output is also large.


3. The wheel sand washer is new washing equipment in recent years, which can wash both sand and stone. It has a wide range of use and high social demand.


4. Vibrating sand washer is the professional washing equipment for large-sized stones. It has high capacity and low water consumption.


5. Bucket-type sand washer is a stone washing equipment evolved from the underwater digging part of dredging ship. It has reasonable structure, high capacity and easy to assembly. Water saving is significant.

Spiral Sand Washer


Performance advantages


Compared with an ordinary sand washing machine, the spiral sand washing machine has more outstanding advantages and its work efficiency has increased by 50%.


ㆍHigh degree of cleanliness: The spiral sand washer has a strong cleaning ability. It can effectively clean the sand and gravel with serious mud impurities. Besides, the sand after washing has low water content within 0.8%, which can fully meet the requirements of high-grade materials;

ㆍHigh efficiency of washing and selection: It has a large processing capacity, high efficiency of washing and selection, and can cause less loss of sand. Thus, it is often configured in the large sand making production lines;

ㆍLow failure rate and long life: It operates stably and almost has no wearing parts. The bearing is isolated from sand and water to avoid premature damage to the machine due to pollution and rust, which greatly reduces the failure rate and extend the life;

ㆍEnergy-saving and environmental protection: It has a low power consumption. The cleaned sewage can be recycled through the sedimentation tank, which saves water as well as protects the environment.


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